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Not enough people appreciated this post and now I’m bringing it back.

ArtistBrendon Small
TitleTrust Yourself
AlbumMusic from Home Movies
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So i just realized these 2 songs…

Wait for it…


TitleAtlus vs Capcom
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Sonic Colors - Reach For The Stars

(via luckyducklett)

ArtistJean Paul Makhlouf
TitleReach for the Stars - Opening Theme -
AlbumVivid Sounds x Hybrid Colors: Sonic Colors Original Soundtrack Disc 1

I had this open on a whim, and then promptly forgot about it. Three seconds later I thought for sure I had a Sonic the Hedgehog OST open.



do you ever listen to a song and you’re like wow this is so good it is so goOD OH OK I THINK MAYBE I AM SEXUALLY AROUSED NOW WELL ALRIGHT

The soundtrack to a pinball game is making me pop a fucking boner.

I can’t believe I got so much enjoyment out of this game as a child.

Sonic 3D Blast was a bad game. With good music.

ArtistAl Hirt
TitleGreen Hornet Theme
AlbumThe Green Hornet - Original Tv Soundtrack (+ Bonus Material)