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hey no kenny can be a complete bro

He can also be utterly closed to other people’s problems, blame others for his mistakes, then try to emotionally manipulate them by taking “responsibility” for it long after it stopped mattering. And also isn’t above using children as a shield to protect himself from his own insecurities, claiming everything he’s doing is for the good of somebody else while ignoring the suggestions of others around him. Also? Kind of a bigot.

The man’s a jackass, at the very least.


unicornlordart asked: uh... vilplume, weeping bell and bellsprout are all based on real animals.

I’m pretty sure plants aren’t animals.

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Isn’t answering an ask technically a comment, how will people know not to read it

Sorry, can’t respond to this. I don’t read comments.


unicornlordart asked: Or yahoo comments.

Just don’t read comments.

Don’t read YouTube comments, kids.

The last episode of TBF playing The Walking Dead: Season 2 has a stupendous number of dislikes. Look at all these Kenny supporters.

If I were to play Ocarina of Time on stream, would anyone be interested in seeing that?